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5000 roubles
8000 roubles
/per month
/per month
Full platform functionality
Place on the server: unlimited
Free domain
Free hosting
Technical support 24/7
Full platform functionality
Place on the server: unlimited
Free domain
Free hosting
Technical support 24/7
Online store

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1. What is the difference between the eCommerce tariff and the IQSites tariff?
The eCommerce tariff is meant specially for those who need a powerful online store. There are the most advanced tools for creating and formatting your online store, convenient way of filling it with products, orders, etc. The eCommerce tariff consists of the IQSites tariff plus that of the online store.

2. Will I be able to create a website on your platform from scratch without having special knowledge?
Of course! We recorded easy-to-understand video tutorials that will help you to thoroughly study IQSites in the shortest possible time, and also to understand how you can quickly create first-class sites with the help of our landing page constructor. There are admin panel video tutorials on IQSites on your website.

3. How do search engines treat the sites located on the IQSites platform?
The sites located on our platform are superbly indexed and highly ranked by search engines, both the desktop and mobile versions. This is possible thanks to a carefully thought out technology that organises a basic SEO optimisation for each site as well as for each separate page (all meta tags, alt texts, and title are created automatically with a correct algorithm) by default. In addition, the blog regularly updated with unique articles gives a magnificent increase in traffic after 3-4 months of reference. We monitor the updates of search engines and their algorithms adjusting our system to the latest changes.

4. What is included in the technical support?
You can ask any questions re your site, our platform, website creation and promotion, as well as online business. We offer a helping hand to each user of IQSites answering questions in a constructive way.

5. Do sites created on your platform support the mobile version?
Yes, they do. There is a special mobile landing page builder which can help you create a perfect mobile version of your site or a separate lending page quickly and easily.

6. Will I be able to manage my site?
Of course you will. You will be able to manage all the features of your website. For this we have an extremely simple and convenient administration panel. We thought over every detail so that you might manage your site comfortably.

7. Can I try your system for free and then decide on a purchase?
We do not provide demo versions. It is because when the site is opened the domain is registered in your name, our company paying for the registration. We also bear the costs of forming an area for your project. We recommend you to open a site for 1 month (it costs only 5000 rubles), and then continue to extend its work. You can also see the system at work by watching our video tutorials on the YouTube channel or ordering a Product Presentation.
It didn't take me too long to look for and ideal platform for my MLM company. As soon as I found, I got interested in the opportunities it offered. What interested me most, was an individual template IQsites offered  to me and my partners. On getting all  that I could relax and continue developing my business without any problem. Very convenient! Many thanks to IQSites!


I have been with IQSites for more than six months. During this time there happened several things I'd like mention here. First of all, customising my site at the initial stage turned out to be just as easy as it had been stated; in case of some problems, guys from the technical support responded without delay. And I am grateful to them for it!  Secondly, I managed to save my precious time working on my site. For example, it is very convenient to collect customers' databases and classify them according to their offers; as well as to sort mailing for each database. Earlier, I had to use third-party services to do all this. Thirdly, I am very glad that the functionality is constantly growing. While I was working on my site there appeared a lot of new things in both the visual editor and the admin panel. I understand that the platform is developing, and its users' convenience is the matter of its deep concern. I strongly recommend those who need a website to use the IQSites platform.

I tried a whole list of different platforms for my site,  and eventually chose IQSites!  There had been a lot of problems with the previous platforms: now the site would not function properly, now it was not clear how to make some changes. To sum it up, with IQSites my expectations were fully justified. Special thanks to the technical support that is always ready to help;)

Ever since the time when my team and I started our own web studio, we had problem of speeding up the process of work on our projects. At first we used an ordinary CMS, but we wasted too much time working with the code and all sorts of additional applications; besides, editing websites was not so easy. The problem was completely solved when we learned about IQSites where the work on landing pages and website structure is superbly organised, the widget system being a really big leap in the development of the web industry. Today our projects look better and we work much faster!

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